• Trivia night takes place on each Tuesday of every Week from 8pm EST.
  • 7 Players Maximum per team, each extra Player means minus 2 points.
  • Winning team splits the €25,- Connolly’s Gutschein (Coupon).
  • The winning team of Joker (Schätzfrage), gets a round of Jameson Irish Whiskey on the house.
  • In case two teams come up with identical winning point, a tie breaker question solves the situation.
  • Get there early to register your team and get a table (Limited Tables).
  • 24 questions on selected topics.
  • 12 Photo Questions.
  • 6 Music Questions.
  • 1 Joker Question (Schätzfrage).
  • Topics range from politics to sport with everything in between and a little more for good measure.
  • Mobiles and any other electronic helping hands are a no-go, if caught (and yes, we do catch people red handed) the whole team gets disqualified.
  • Every team is allowed to suggest a category theme for the following weeks Quiz.

COVID-19 Notice

We are closed due to COVID-19 till the end of November 2020.